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ORC Mediterranean Championship / CNT

The ORC Mediterranean Championship is back

More than 30 years after the first edition and 16 since the last one, held in 2006, the offshore sailing classic that is the ORC Mediterranean Championship has been reinvented in the context of the Tre Golfi Sailing Week. Open to all boats with an ORC rating, the championship returned to its initial formula (racing around the marks and offshore courses) and kicked off with a long distance race of about 150 miles, on the same course as the traditional Tre Golfi regatta, followed by three days of racing around the buoys, from Thursday 18 to Saturday 21 May, on the stretch of water between Capri and Sorrento. The inshore races were also valid for the National Champion of the Tyrrhenian competition, a FIV/UVAI trophy.

Marco Serafini's TP 52 XIO won both the Regata dei Tre Golfi and the ORC Mediterranean Championship. In the smaller boats Race Group, the winner was Sugar 3, owned by the Estonian Ott Kikkas, while Anton Giulio Cafaro's Ars Una and Squalo Bianco won Cruising Class 1 and 2.

Marco Serafini's TP 52 XIO
Marco Serafini's TP 52 XIO

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